Spiritual Practices

There are a number of Spiritual practices that you can use to ease your mind and body tensions.

Meditation is one: Find a space that is comfortable for you, surround yourself with your favourites things and if it is safe to do so, light a candle and burn some incense or wax melts to infuse your surroundings with scents that relax you. Sit in a comfortable position and either dim or turn off the lights. If you have a candle lit, gaze into the flames and empty your mind, relax as much as possible all your muscles and allow yourself to drift.

Some people find it helpful to play meditation music - this can be either an asset or a distraction, it's for you to decide which is best for you.

Allow yourself to drift and think of pleasant places, either a calm sea, or a golden meadow, a mountain range or green valleys. Sit like this for about 10 minutes for your first session and then gradually build up the time to a point where you feel most comfortable.

At the end of your session say a prayer for your loved ones both passed and alive and wait about 5 minutes before getting up.

If you do this once a day you should begin to feel the benefits by the end of your first week. If it doesn't happen for you, then meditation is not for you.

Another practice is to sit with others in a circle and join hands; place a candle in the middle of the circle (if it is safe to do so) burn some incense or wax melts and do as above as you would for personal mediation. This time you are joining your physical and spiritual energies together with the aim of helping each other achieve a good, calming meditative state.

At the end of the session talk to each other about your experience and what you saw and heard in your mind; it is amazing to discover that some or all in the circle will have something similar to share. Give it a try.




Staff member
I really like sitting by candle light after a stressful day of work. Something really relaxing about sitting about in the almost darkness whilst doing absolutely nothing. 😀
Fire connects with the fire of the spirit which is why it has a calming effect. By sitting in near darkness, with only the light of the candle, all worldly input is muted and this is when you feel the calmness that you desire taking effect.

It doesn't always work for everyone immediately as it takes a little practice to squeeze out all of the external noise and visual input, but the effort is worthwhile and the rewards can often be more than imagined.

I'm thrilled that you find this exercise is something of value to you and that it works; finding that space just for yourself is amazing.



Staff member
You are right, there is a definitive relaxation when sitting by a fire which helps you to unwind after a stressful day.